Amazing Motorbike with a true Story

the motorcycle shown in the picture belonged to a Young Rajput Man and at this place he mat an accident & died while driving this almost brand new motorbike so after Police enquiry this motorbike was taken to police thana & stored there in luggage room……………. but can u believe this in the night the motorbike on its own came back to the site of accident .So the police took it again & removed all patrol from it thinking somebody must have played a prank And locked it in Garage ……….but lo! next night again the same thing happens.
So police men got scared & cleared the motorbike to next of the kin very quickly.
The family people sold it to a person & he took it to Gujarat About 400 km from the site ……………But will u believe that again in the night motorbike came to same site on its own without rider And came to stand there. The person who purchased it was so scared that he left his claim on it.
The baffled family people than decided to keep it there only as people Concluded that as the dead person was very fond of his new motor cycle so his departed soul didn’t want it any where else And at this place his soul is still residing as he met an accedental sudden death so didn’t get mukti So better keep it there only otherwise the angry soul may make matters worse for everybobdy.
Now as the family people believing that departed soul is still lurking there started doing Pooja & Deepak & putting flowers to motor bike .
When we first saw it it was just motor bike lying there with few dried up garlands but in just few years as the fame spread the place becomes swarming with worshippers, in the starting only on the day of his accident every month & DOB and death anniversary & so on.
Than in few years the place become almost temple with motorbike standing there covered all in fresh garlands & a pakkaa squire with a photo of late person, the place was given the name of Shri Om banna’s Sthan. (As the late person’s name was Omsingh And young people in rajput house hold are called Banna affectionately )
Now most of the Rajput community from near by villages And many of the other community people all comes there toworship the motor cycle & want there wishes & Mannats to be fulfilled & returns back with all pooja & Chadava When there worship is full filled!And people have many stories that there wishes were granted there.
Every time when we pass from that site swarms of people are there, worshiping.
Newly wed couples are brought there to do the pooja just after marriage & new bourn babies are brought there to remove there hair first time ( a religious ritual ) People have accepted Shree Om banna as there home deity ( KULDEVTA ) and Village daity.
With all this so many small shops have established there selling Flowers, Incense sticks, garlands, flowers, and tea stalls eatables & so on. It has become a full Pooja place.

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